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Chocolates, Liquor and Candy

Trumpf Edel Tropfen In Nuss Klassische Brande
Trumpf Edle Tropfen in Nuss Klassische Brande.   4 irresistible chocolates specialties with fine classic Fires in finely - crystallized sugar crust , covered with dark and light milk chocolate and crunchy hazelnut splinters : Grappa , Cognac , Scotch Whisky and Calvados
Trumpf Edle Tropfen in Nuss/Nuts Blue Box SALE
This is the best! Limited supply. Milk chocolate and nuts cover this fine assortment of Obstbranden ( fruit brandy) filled liquor chocolates. You get Zwetschgen wasser (plum brandy), Kirschwasser (cherry brandy), Williams Christbirne (pear brandy), and Himbeergeist (Raspberry brandy)
Milka Peanut Crispy Caramel
Peanut crispy caramel with milk chocolate 90g
Niederegger Apfelpunsch Holiday Bar
Apfel spice marzipan with whole milk chocolate covering. 125g
List Price: $9.99
Laroshell Weinbrandbohnen 14 oz Large SALE
 A super popular chocolate. Dark chocolate shaped beans filled with brandy. What a great gift! Fun to take to a party!! Large 14 oz box  box
List Price: $11.79
Milka Trauben Nuss
Milk chocolate confection with raisins and nuts 100g
Laroshell Orange Liquor Pralines
Dark chocolate filled with Vodka. These are great to take to a party! NEW this year!! 3.5 oz box
Milka Triple
Milk chocolate with either triple choco cocoa or triple caramel inside 90g
Milka Waves Cookie Pieces
Milka waves with cookie pieces 81g
Milka Weisse Schokolade
Very Creamy white milk chocolate 100g.
Abtey Gin Crate
Dark chocolate bottles filled with Gin 108g
Butlers Irish Cream Chocolate Liquor Truffles
Butlers Irish Cream Liquor Chocolates 4.41oz Box Milk Chocolate With Irish Cream Liquor!  
New from Milka- A creamy chocolate bar filled with carmel- super good!! 100g
Trumpf Edle Tropfen Gin
Delicate chocolate and crunchy nuts filled with the best Gin cocktails. This box offers an assortment of gin and tonic, slow gin fizz, gin daisy, and verper. If you are a gin lover, or want to buy a gift for a friend who loves gin, this is the box for you! 100g
Ahoj Brause Bonbons, Brause Pulver AND MORE
3 different fizzy packages to choose from!!

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