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Zentis Edel Marzipan Perlen
Mini marzipan balls covered in dark chocolate 90g
Price: $5.49
Zentis Marzipan 100g
Quality marzipan with 17% chocolate! 100g
Price: $2.99
Zentis Marzipan Brote
Marzipan brot with chocolate 100g
Price: $3.29
Zentis Marzipan Kartoffeln
Marzipan potatoes with a hint of dark cocoa powder 100g
Price: $3.19
Asbach Chocolates in a Wooden Box
Here is another great gift. A classic wooden box filled with the famous German Brandy chcoclates. A real nice assortment. 14.1 oz
Price: $47.29
Bahlesen Contessa
Chocolate Bahlsen Contessa 7oz
Price: $5.99
Nordzucker Zucker Hut ( sugar Cones)
  Nordzucker Zucker Hut ( sugar Cones) A sugar cone used to pour alcohol over and burn. You then drink the liq...
Price: $3.99
Asbach Brandy Beans
  is a Asbach Uralt Brandy-filled Box of premium chocolates shaped like a bean! Not intended for minors. Asbach beans have a sugar c...
Price: $9.19
Asbach Zarte Flaschchen 12pc
Asbach's finest zarbitter chocolate liquor bottles. 12pc box 150g
Price: $13.19
DRESNER Christstollen
Echter Dresdner Christstollen by Dr. Quendt. These cakes are all made by hand using traditional Saxon baking skills.
Price: $15.99
Grandpa Lundquist Christmas Soda
Called "Julmust" in Sweden, this holiday beverage combines the flavors of glögg with a refreshing, chilled carbonated beverage. 12 o...
Price: $2.69
Niederegger Marzipan Dominosteine
 The best Marzipan Dominosteine from Niederegger Lubeck. A small layered cake with a double filling of Marzipan and covered with dark chocolat...
Price: $9.99
Verpoorten Eierlikor Pralines
A delicious assortment of milk and dark chocolate pralines filled with the original Verpoorten Egg Liqueur. This box contains 16 Verpoorten Praline...
Price: $14.69
Weiss Lebkuchen Allerlei
From Weiss a real nice selection of coated lekuchen in different shapes. 600 grams 
Price: $6.99
Windel Advent Calenders
Here is another choice of advent calenders for your kids. A creamy peice of German milk-chocolate behind each window. 75g NOTE: IF YOU NE...
Price: $2.39
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