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Asbach Brandy Filled Chocolates Squares
Asbach chocolates have a sugar crust and are filled with the famous Asbach brandy from Rüdesheim Germany. Each chocolate is rectangular in sha...
Price: $10.99
Bahlsen Holiday Cookies 10.6 oz.
Bahlsen Holiday Gingerbread Assortment. A Festive Bag filled with an Assortment of Christmas Gingerbread Cookie Shapes. 10.6oz
Price: $6.39
Ferri Di Cavallo
Horsehoe shaped shortbread cookies covered with cocoa glaze at both ends. 4.93oz
Price: $4.09
KuchenMeister Assorted Liqueur Cakes
KuchenMeisters best assorted liqueur cakes available in four flavors! 400g
Price: $5.79
Niederegger Marzipan Rum Kugeln
Marzipan With Rum!! 5.3oz
Price: $11.59
Asbach Zarte Flaschchen Bottles
Here are the very popular Asbach bottles. These make great gifts. They have a very popular sugar crust, then filled with that special Asbach brandy...
Price: $9.99
Carstens Lubecker Marzipan
Superior Luebeck marzipan covered with plain chocolate.
Price: $4.49
Niederegger Marzipan Potatoes 3.5oz box
The famous and popular Niederegger marzipan shaped potatoes. This is the best quality marzipan on the market. 3.5oz
Price: $6.99
Weiss Mini Hearts, Stars and Pretzels
Soft, spicy gingerbread covered with 30% smooth melting chocolate creates a taste sensation of a very special kind. Put out at your holiday parties...
Price: $5.69
Asbach Bulk Brandy Bottles
Buy in BULK your Asbach liquor chocolates! Finest liquor chocolate around! Offered in either a 42 or 60 piece box!
Price: $37.39
Bahlsen Gingerbread Hearts & Stars
Gingerbread coated with bittersweet chocolate shaped like hearts and stars. 250g
Price: $5.99
Dr Quendt Herrenkonfekt
Specialty Gingerbread Chocolates made with cherry juice jelly and a rum flavored punch filling, covered in dark chocolate and white chocolate coati...
Price: $5.49
Edeka Schokoaden Lebkuchen
Gingerbread Pretzels Milk and dark chocolate available. 500g box
Price: $7.79
Reber Mozart Kugeln 8 pieces
Our Reber company has been family owned for almost 140 years and has been especially famous for high-quality sweet delicacies, most of all the &quo...
Price: $9.99
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