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DeRuijter Milk Sprinkles

DeRuijter Milk Sprinkles.Great for sprinkles on cakes or cookies.

Price: $6.99
Dr Oetker Apfel Struesel Mix

Quick and easy delicous apfel streusel. Simply stir the dough, add apples and decorate the toppings, bake for 30 minutes. 355g

Price: $7.89
Dr Oetker Kirsch Mandel Mix

Quick and easy delicous kirsch-mandel. Simply stir the dough, add cherries and decorate the toppings, bake for 30 minutes. 255g

Price: $7.89

Dr Oetker Lubecker Marzipan Rohmasse

Dr. Oetker is ideal for modeling decorations and for baking. With the Dr. Oetker baking & dessert colors, the marzipan raw material can also be colored individually. 200g

Price: $7.79
Dr. Oetker Orangeat Gewurfelt

 Dr.Oetker Orangeat Gewurfelt
for baking and making Stollen. These are very hard to get. Supply is short. 100g each

Price: $4.59
Dr Oetker Vanillin Zucker

Dr.Oetker Villin Zucker is now offered in a shaker for easy despensing! 100g

Price: $5.49

Dr. Oetker Zitronat

 Dr. Oetker Zitronat Gewurfelt or Orangeat Gewurfelt for baking and making Stollen

Price: $4.59
Dr.Oetker Dessert Vanilla Sauce Instant

Price: $3.79
Kathi Black Forest Cake Mix

Baking Mix for a dark sponge cake with cherries, cream and grated dark chocolate!! The cake that everyone loves!! 14.6oz

Price: $5.49

Kathi Cherry Streusel Cake

Kathi Cherry Streusel Mix

Cherry Streusel Cake is a popular dessert for the summer months. Just add fresh or canned sour cherries (or berries). 15.2oz
Price: $5.49
Kathi Poppy Seed Strudel

 Kathi Poppy Seed Strudel Mix

This Poppy Seed Strudel is a true delight for any occasion. The Box contains all ingredients you need, measured and individually packed for your convenience: the base flour mix, yeast, and the poppy seeds filling. Add rasins, almonds, sultanas, nuts or fruits to the poppy seed mix to you heart's delight. A true pleasure for any lover of baked goods with poppy seeds.

Price: $5.49
Kuchle Back Oblaten

Back-Oblaten ( Wafer Papers) for making your favorite German Christmas cookies. Many sizes to choose from!!

Size/Type 40 mm size 100 pieces
50 mm size 100 pieces (+$0.30)
70 mm size 100 round sheets (+$1.20)
90 mm size 100 pcs- SOLD OUT!!!!! (+$3.40)
4 3/4 x 8 inches ( 120 x 200) 10 pieces (+$0.30)
Price: $2.59

Nordzucker Brauner Kandis

 Nordzucker Brauer Kadis. Great in coffee and Tea

Price: $5.99
Ruf Kirsch Schoko Torte

 Direct from Germany The brand Ruf. The Famous Kirsch -Schoko Torte.

Price: $5.89
Nordzucker Zucker Hut ( sugar Cones)


Nordzucker Zucker Hut ( sugar Cones)
A sugar cone used to pour alcohol over and burn. You then drink the liquid!! Lots of fun on a cold day."Da steckt die susse der natur drin".

Size/Type Nordzucker Zucker Hut 8.8oz
BUY 2 Zucker HUT (+$3.56)
Price: $3.99

Since 1894 Dr. Schlinchs Palmin has been a very popular item for baking. 100% Pflanzenfett. (coconut fat) Das reinste Bratvergnugen 10 x 25g
Price: $5.49
Traditional Quark 3 Types

A European style cottage cheese that looks like yogurt. Use when making cheese cakes or for fine desserts. Can also be mixed with chives and spread on a good rye bread!

Price: $5.99
Dr. Oetker AROMA Flavoring
Use in cakes, cookies, pastries, desserts, whipped cream, etc.
Type Bitter Almond, 4 ml / 0.14 oz
Citron (Lemon), 4 ml / 0.14 oz
Vanilla, 4 ml / 0.14 oz
Rum, 4 ml / 0.14 oz
Butter Vanilla, 4 ml / 0.14 oz.
Price: $2.89

Dr. Oetker Baking Powder

Use this for all your baking needs. 3 double packs in a package. One pouch is sufficient for 4 cups flour

Price: $3.19
Dr. Oetker Clear Glaze
A clear glaze to pour over your fresh fruit on your homemade torts! 2 packs 0.35oz each To make a beautiful cake or tart even more dazzling, try this clear glaze over your fresh fruit toppings! So easy to prepare - simple boil with sugar and your choice of fruit juice or water, cool, and spoon over your desired dessert! Dr. Oetker Clear Glaze gives even your simplest desserts that professional touch.Ingredients:Tapioca starch, carrageenan, dextrose, cream of tartar, locust bean gum
Price: $1.99
Dr. Oetker Pudding
Dr. Oetker ORIGINAL European Quality Pudding. 3 packets per flavor .Each package weighs 1.75 oz
Type Sahne Geschmack
Shokolade (Milk) - SOLD OUT!!!!
Chocolate (Dark)
Mandel Geschmack
Erdbeer Geschmack
Price: $3.99

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