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Nurnberger Style Bratwurst OUR NUMBER ONE!!
Long and Skinny Nürnberger style German Bratwurst are made from lean pork and beef These are fully cooked and ready to grill, fry, broil, or ...
Price: $5.99
Curry Nurnberger Bratwurst
Fully Cooked & ready for the grill or frying pan. Long & Skinny like the Nurnberger Bratwurst. Very lean and juicy with a good zap of curr...
Price: $5.99
Veal Brat / Munich Weisswurst Bockwurst
A Bavarian specialty made from the finest cuts of veal and pork with mild spices.
Price: $6.39
Old Fashion Natural Casing Wieners
Old fashion natural casing wieners. They snap when you bite into them.
Price: $5.99
A robust Red Lager Beer Brat that our customers and retailers have proclaimed all year round as "one of a kind!"
Price: $5.99
Rostbratwurst / Pre Cooked Bavarian Bratwurst
Fully cooked and ready to grill. Made of very lean beef and pork, and mildly spiced.
Price: $5.99
Octoberfest Bratwurst Sampler 1 Most Popular Selection
approx. 1 lb. Knackwurst approx. 1 lb.Pre-cooked Red Lager Beer Brat approx. 1 lb. Nurnberger Bratwurst approx. 1 lb.Munich Weisswurst appr...
Price: $29.95
Octoberfest Bratwurst Sampler 2
What a PERFECT way to introduce our "Authentic Old World Bavarian Products" to you & your guests! This sampler box contains: approx. 1...
Price: $29.95
Kaiser Cheddar Bratwurst (Kase Krainer)
Here is a local favorite brat. Our really good Kaiser Smoked Brats filled with creamy Wisconsin cheddar cheese! These are the best!! Made with lean...
Price: $6.99
Old Fashion Natural Casing Wieners 3 Pkgs
Three 1-[b. cryovac packages, 6-7 wieners per pound. Stuffed into a natural casing. Made with lean beef and pork and natural spices. A very old Ger...
Price: $17.75
6lb Cajun Brats
 Special blend of lean selected pork spiced to perfection, enhanced with red wine to give you that zesty, hot flavor. No chemical additives an...
List Price: $31.79
Price: $29.79
Bold and Zesty Bratwurst Sampler
A great way to introduce yourself to some of our most requested zesty flavored bratwurst without ordering a large quantity of individual types! You...
Price: $29.50
Spicy HOT Cajun Bratwurst / Andouille Sausage
Special blend of lean selected pork spiced to perfection, enhanced with red wine to give you that zesty, hot flavor.
Price: $5.99
Made with very lean beef, pork and natural spices. Knackwurst will crack when you bite into them. Similar taste to a Frankfurter. Mild and more of...
Price: $5.99
Bavaria's POPULAR Combo Bratwurst Box
Our two most popular brats in 1 box. We give you 3 lbs of our fully cooked smoked beer brats, and 3 lbs of our pre-cooked Bavarian BEER brats. Both...
Price: $28.95
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