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A robust Red Lager Beer Brat that our customers and retailers have proclaimed all year round as "one of a kind!"

Price: $5.99
Nurnberger Style Bratwurst OUR NUMBER ONE!!

Long and Skinny Nürnberger style German Bratwurst are made from lean pork and beef These are fully cooked and ready to grill, fry, broil, or just heat up. 

Price: $5.99
Curry Nurnberger Bratwurst

Fully Cooked & ready for the grill or frying pan. Long & Skinny like the Nurnberger Bratwurst. Very lean and juicy with a good zap of curry. Serve with a German hard roll, glass of beer and touch of mustard. Excellent Meal idea!

Price: $5.99

Veal Brat / Munich Weisswurst Bockwurst

A Bavarian specialty made from the finest cuts of veal and pork with mild spices.

Price: $6.39

Made with very lean beef, pork and natural spices. Knackwurst will crack when you bite into them. Similar taste to a Frankfurter. Mild and more of a fine grind. 

Price: $5.99
Thuringer Rostbratwurst / Pre Cooked Bavarian Bratwurst

Fully cooked and ready to grill. Made of very lean beef and pork, and mildly spiced.

Price: $5.99

Real Swiss Kalberwurst Veal Brat

Made by Heinz, our Swiss Master Sausage Maker. This is a very mild product, made from veal, pork, milk and mild spices.. We offer it several different ways.

Price: $6.39
Smoked Bratwurst

Made from select pork and beef, mixed with natural spices, then natural hickory smoked for a robust outdoor flavor.

Price: $5.99
Old Fashion Natural Casing Wieners

Old fashion natural casing wieners. They snap when you bite into them.

Price: $5.99

Bavaria's Kaiser Bratwurst

The Kaiser Bratwurst is a course ground brat made of beef and the finest cuts of ham. Spiced and smoked to perfection.

Price: $5.99
Bold & Zesty Bratwurst Sampler

A great way to introduce yourself to some of our most requested zesty flavored bratwurst without ordering a large quantity of individual types! You get,
1lb. of smoked  bratwurst
1lb. of Precooked smoked polish
1 lb. precooked cajun brats
1lb. precooked curry bratwurst
1 lb. Nurnberger bratwurst.

Price: $29.50

course ground with a good touch of garlic. Very similar to our Kielbasa, this is an exceptional hearty meal idea! This product is raw and needs to be cooked. This goes great with kale. Aprox weight  .55-.95

Price: $6.99

The ULTIMATE Grilling Sampler!!!!

 You get 11 packages of all our best BRATWURST!! 5pc pack Pre-Cooked Beer Brats; 5pc pack Pre-Cooked Bavaria; 5 pc Pack Munich Weisswurst; 5 pc pack Cured & Smoked Brats; 5 pc pack Smoked Kaiser Brats; 6 pc Pack Nurnbergs; 6 pc pack Curry Nurnbergs; 4 pc pack Knackwurst; * 5pc pack Cajun Brats; 6 pc pack Old Fashioned Wieners; & 5 pc pack polish.  All these brats are FULLY COOKED and ready for the grill. 

Price: $66.95
Spicy HOT Cajun Bratwurst / Andouille Sausage

Special blend of lean selected pork spiced to perfection, enhanced with red wine to give you that zesty, hot flavor.

Price: $5.99
Smoked Polish Bratwurst

This is a real good smoked bratwurst if you like a good touch of garlic. Fully cooked and ready for the grill! When you bite into them they crack!! Approx. 5 brats to the lb.

Price: $5.99

Spicy Combo Bratwurst Box-

If you like good spicy bratwurst try this box. We give you 3 lbs pre-cooked Italian brats and 3 lbs pre cooked Cajun brats. Both are fully cooked and ready for the grill. The cajun brats are also used for dirty beans and rice, and jambalaya. Try the Italian brats in your favorite Italian dishes -- spaghetti, lasagna, etc.

Price: $31.79
Authentic Weisswurst Bowl From Bavaria

This bowl is fromFeltmann Weiden, Bavaria. This beautiful tureen has the Bavarian crest with the lions and 3 flags on each side of crest. Emblem is on both sides of the bowl. This is a rare bowl to come in. Lion head handles. Direct from Bavaria! 2 Liter Bowl is as shown! SUPPLY IS VERY LIMITED

Type Weisswurst Bowl- (+$19.95)
Weisswurst Bowl- Without Lid- SOLD OUT
Price: $110.00
Meica Deutschlander

6 Premium German Sausages. 12.7oz

List Price: $13.59
Price: $11.59

Meica Pork Frankfurter

Meica pork frankfurters give you 6 authentic german sausages packed in a brine to keep fresh!! This is a 6.3oz jar! 

Price: $5.89
Octoberfest Bratwurst Sampler 2
What a PERFECT way to introduce our "Authentic Old World Bavarian Products" to you & your guests! This sampler box contains:
approx. 1 lb. Nurnberger Bratwurst
approx 1 lb. Munich Weisswurst
approx 1 lb. Old Fashion Wieners
approx. 1 lb.Curry Bratwurst
approx. 1 lb. Pre-Cooked Bavarian Bratwurst -
All Fully Cooked & individually cryovac air-sealed for freshness! You'll truly enjoy feasting on these! Sorry, no Mix 'n Match on this variety box!
Price: $29.95
Meica Sausages Bockwurst, Wiener & Weisswurst

German Sausages packed in brine. Product of Germany..

Price: $5.99

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