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Wetzel Oblaten
A thin Butter wafer made with hazelnuts and almonds. Used in making specialty layer cakes & desserts! Try with your favorite fruitsauce and ice...
Price: $5.79
Kathi German Streusel
 Kathi German Streusel. Just add eggs and butter
Price: $4.69
Kayser Measuring Cup from Germany
Measuring cup from Germany that will measure milliters, cups, liters, grams and ounces. Also there is measurments for flour, sugar, rice and cereal...
Price: $9.99
Rudolph's Schlesier Brot
A popular German rye bread that is dense on dark. Comes sliced and whole. Ingredients: rye flour, wheat flour, sour dough (rye flour and ba...
Price: $5.49
Kathi Cherry Streusel Cake
Kathi Cherry Streusel Mix Cherry Streusel Cake is a popular dessert for the summer months. Just add fresh or canned sour cherries (or berries)....
Price: $5.49
Kuchen Meister LIQUOR CAKES and OTHERS
Another fine product from Kuchen Meister! These are so moist and the liquars in them make them sooo GOOD!!
Price: $7.89
Rudolph's Bavarian Multi Grain
Ingredients: water, unbleached wheat flour, whole wheat flour, cracked whole wheat, organic sour (organic rye, water and culture), whole rye seed, ...
Price: $3.19
Rudolph's Schinkenbrot
A nice Multi-grain, course whole rye bread, high in natural dietary fibres..Ingredients: water, unbleached wheat flour, whole wheat flour, s...
Price: $3.19
Ruf Kasekuchen Hilfe
Cheesecake helper Cream powder for 250ml (1/4l) milk and 750g quark
Price: $2.59
Dr Oetker Nuss Tarte
Tasty nut cake mixture with ground hazelnuts from Dr. Oetker 380g
Price: $9.59
Rudolph's Linseed Bread
Very healthy! Multi-grain, nut-like tasting whole rye bread with linseeds, high in natural dietary fibres and natural laxative property of linseed. ...
Price: $3.19
Authentic German CHEESE CAKE
Imported from German this is the real deal! Käseschnitte A well known German favourite. Made with eggs and fresh quark or curd cheese, it is b...
Price: $7.99
Delba Breads From Germany (Feldkamp)
All used raw materials are coming from control The natural ingredients and the special baking process give our Rye Breads a delicious taste. Delba...
Price: $3.69
Diamant Weichweizen Griess
Only the best wheat brands are used, which are sun-matured and were harvested on selected fields. Dishes made with Diamant semolina always turn out...
Price: $3.89
Kuchen Meister Schwarzwalder Black Forest Cake Kirschwasser Cake
Black Forest Cherry Liquor Cake, doesn't that sound delicious?
Price: $6.59
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