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Veal Brat / Munich Weisswurst Bockwurst

Veal Brat / Munich Weisswurst Bockwurst

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Approx. 4 to the pound. NO CHEMICALS, FILERS, ADDITIVES, SKINS OR MSG. A Bavarian specialty made from the finest cuts of veal and pork with mild spices. Just heat and serve. This is a very tender and super mild bratwurst - use low heat so as not to break open the casing. Great for kids and babies,and people with sensative stomachs. Many of our customers love frying them in a frying pan over low heat with a bit of butter and diced onions to enhance the flavor! Serve with a good German potato salad, kraut, pretzels, SWEET mustard and of course a beer!! This is a perishable product.


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- 12/16/2018

Everything is so good but these are my favorite. I keep them on hand in the freezer.

Weisswurst himmel

- 05/01/2017

Cook right: boil sufficient excess of water and turn off heat. Add wurst, stir occasionally to distribute heat. Measure water temp with quick-read digital thermometer. Leave sausages in until water temp stabilizes at ~180 F (add more heat if necessary, mo...

Follow instructions!

- 04/15/2015

This Weisswurst was better then we had at the Muenchen Oktoberfest!
Boil water - set aside and add wurst - let sit for 15 Minutes and just peel off the skin - have some sweet Bavarian Mustard with it - even a great white reddish goes good with it too!

Better Than The First Time

- 11/30/2014

My first experience with weisswurst was at the bahnhoff (train station) in Munich, and I love them. Somehow, you've managed to make them even better! Danke schön!


- 11/04/2014

My wife served these along with a couple other types of bratwurst to a group of ladies, many of whom were Seniors, and the Wiesswurst proved to be the most popular. I enjoyed them with a good, hot mustard and lots of onions!

Heavenly Munich Weisswurst

- 10/21/2014

Your sausages are of the highest quality of veal and pork. The texture of the meat is fine. The sausages are moist and succulent. The taste is absolutely orgasmic!

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German Rolls, Schnittbrotchen Brotchen, German ImportGerman Rolls, Schnittbrotchen Brotchen, German Import

These come direct from Munich Germany. half baked in Dozen packages. All baking instructions will be in the package.JUST LIKE BEING HOME!!

Lowensenf SWEET Senf (Mustard)Lowensenf SWEET Senf (Mustard)

Lowensenf Mustards is a highly recognized Mustard to use on your Weisswurst and also great on any other sausages.

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