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Amish Limburger Cheese Spread 8oz Reviews for the product - Amish Limburger Cheese Spread 8oz (Back to product)
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Great cheese spread

PHILBERT - 01/23/2020

Great cheese spread

Phil - 01/23/2020

I have been looking for this for years. Taste fantastic just like old times. I will be buying more.

Old Fashioned Limburger Cheese

Mary - 03/07/2019

OMG, I have been looking for Mohawk Valley limburger cheese for years. This is unbelievably great, brought me back to my childhood with my Dad. This is a winner, don't stop making it.

The best cheese spread in this country

Kroelle - 10/05/2018



Sherm - 01/17/2018

I found this by accident while looking for Limburger. Tried It and love it. I am sitting with a toasted pumpernickel bagel spread with Limburger....can,t write any busy eating...

Love it, but...

Cass - 12/28/2017

Love it, but not as strong as I was hoping for. Still, I would buy it again. Going to try buying a block and making my own spread.

Just like Kraft Mohawk

Crystal Nelson - 10/24/2017

I was brought up eating this stuff. My pop pop was an Irishman at heart and loved his cheeses. Limburger being his favorite he loved the spread as well as the block. I never braved the block cheese but absolutely LOVED the spread. There was something about those little jars with the white lids!! I was so disappointed when I figured out Kraft was to stop making this. I stumbled upon this Amish Country Limburger in a local grocery store and it was exactly like the Kraft!! Could be the same recipe in fact. The local store has not carried it since and I will be ordering from Bavaria sausage. Not a bad price even to ship when you buy at least 6 containers it looks like. Please do not stop making this !!! Loving Limburger in Pennsylvania!


Marilyn - 06/25/2017

Discovered your Limburger while back in Wi and its everything I remembered it to be. Thank you Thank you

limburger cheese

barbara h. - 01/21/2017

great i think it is better than kraft

The Spread

Mtnbiker - 01/04/2017

Wonderful!!! Missed it and happy it's back.

As I remember

MSFrey - 12/13/2016

I was so reluctant to believe that Mohawk valley Limburger cheese could be obtained again. So happy to be wrong. Old memories with every bite.The best!

Good stuff

dale - 11/17/2016

I, like a number of other reviewers, have looked for limburger for a long time and finally found it in the Publix store in Ormond Beach, FL. It is great.

I assume the other Publix stores will be carrying it also. Publix is the only store to have it, I have done a lot of checking to verify this.

Amish Limburger spread

Roger K. - 04/27/2016

I was excited to find this product . I grew up eating Mohawk Brand.
This product has a weaker Limburger taste , which was a big let down. It needs to be thicker not as runny.
Your close but not there yet . Thanks for the effort . Remember stronger and denser

Just as good

Elwood White - 03/12/2016

I'm 74 and I to looked for a substitute for the jar of Kraft Limburger cheese for long time. By chance I found this in a Wise grocery store in York County, PA, but they to stopped carrying it. I now live in Florida and could not fined anyone that carries it here. Thank goodness I can still by this product on line and have it shipped($$$.) It's as good as or better then the Kraft. Please do not stop making this fine product.

Please bring back the original Mohawk Valley Limburger

Eve p - 01/10/2016

I've tried this spread of desperation, it taste waxy and yes it does not have the bite of the original. I've seen very many people searching for it I don't know why they just can't keep it on the shelves for us or at least online store.

Love this cheese spread

DK - 12/21/2015

Glad its back,
hope it never goes away.

Not like Mohawk but decent

Gregg L. - 12/05/2015

I grew up with Mohawk and this isn't it. I've researched the ingredients. Mohawk was Limburger cheese, milkfat and salt. This is a Limburger and cheddar cheese mix. This product has a very similar taste but is half as strong and has half the "bite" that Mohawk had. More importantly is the texture. This is of a fluffy consistency whereas Mohawk had a thick, creamy, almost rubbery texture which I loved. But this isn't bad. It's all we have. Just don't expect Mohawk. You will be disappointed because the difference is like night and day.

The Best

Mark W - 12/04/2015

My family grew up on Mohawk Valley Limburger Cheese Spread. It was a dark day when Kaft stopped making it. Now we have Amish Country Old Fashioned Limburger Cheese Spread. Its the best, better then Kaft. maybe someday they will consider making a 16oz tub, that would be fanatic, love this cheese injoy.


Carl Olson - 11/27/2015

I grew up on Mohawk Valley. Spread on crackers I loved it. When Kraft dumped it, I thought I'd never enjoy that taste again. About a year ago my youngest daughter spotted AC in Meijer on Gull Road in Kalamazoo. I inquired in Battle Creek but they just kept stocking bars. Kept bugging and about a month ago saw in Beckley Road Meijer. Get two tubs a month as spread on bread with German Bologna is marvelous.Thank You.

"Been search'n" and Finally

Don - 10/27/2015

I have been searching far and wide for a limburger spread that I was able to purchase years ago until it was stopped and I was always told that it wasn't made any more. Lucky stars!! I found this spread in Nelson, Wisconsin and am delighted to say the least

Seeming Second Generation Even Closer!

Marty - 06/09/2015

I loved my Mohawk Valley Limburger Spread and was unhappy when Kraft discontinued. I ordered the new incarnation from Bavaria Sausage a few months ago and it was quite good, a three-star product. I ordered another set more recently and it seems Bavaria had continued to tinker with the product as it was even better, now a four-star product! May be only batch variance but I just ordered a case!

BAVARIA: It gets better as it ages!!

Good Limburger

Phil L. - 05/27/2015

I don't know that I have had :Limburger" as good as this. They don't carry it any where in Fargo, so I have to get it on line.

Limburger spread

A. Reinhardt K. - 05/17/2015

This product has replaced my favorite snack condiment. Pretzels dipped in mustard has been replaced with pretzels dipped in Limburger. Add some Becks, or Saint Pauli Girl, and you have the perfect snack while watching Bundesliga.

Close but no cigar

Ron G. - 05/07/2015

Sorry but I think if they hadn't mixed cheddar in with this it would be closer to Mohawk

I think it is the same...

Ritch - 05/04/2015

To me, this tastes just like the spread from Mohawk! I am so excited that I found this. My only concern,and I don't think this necessarily the fault of Bavarian Sausage, but my spreads were warm when they arrived. The cold pack was completely warm. I am hoping the facts that this is a processed food and it was unopened will save me any problems. I think the post office may have sat on the package for a day. So hopefully, I will live to enjoy this great spread in the future. This brings me back to my childhood!

BAVARIA- Rich, being warm helps this cheese age, will not hurt it at all, just makes it better! ENJOY!!

Not the same taste!

Polly - 04/19/2015

I wish I could agree with the other reviewers, but this does not taste like the Mohawk Valley Limburger Spread that Kraft discontinued making. Sorry. I doubt I will be buying more.

BAVARIA: You need to let it age and it will get stronger! It is the same culture Mohawk used. It is just young. Age it!

Just like Mohawk Limburger Spread!!

Susan B. - 03/28/2015

I was so excited to receive my first order of this cheese spread! I opened it up and had to taste it right away. It tastes almost exactly like the Mohawk brand I grew up on. I highly recommend it. I am so happy I have my limburger spread back! I hope they never quit making it. I will be ordering more. Thank you Bavaria Sausage for carrying this and your extremely fast shipping!!!


Randy - 03/17/2015

So glad to have found this. A favorite comfort food that is finally available again!

The best

Don - 01/28/2015

I love this spread. My grocery store ran out of it I'm sure because I bought it all. Now going to different stores to find it. You probably will think I'm crazy but I like it better than steak.

This is the same as the old Mohawk Valley

Jerry K - 01/14/2015

This is certified by me to taste the same as Mohawk Valley that I've eaten all my life. I really like this and have reordered a couple of times already, today is my 3rd order. For Christmas I sent my family some and they loved it and are ordering more. Yes this is great stuff.

Also can be used by ornery people to stink things up by rubbing a little around on things close to people you don't like.

Best on a Keebler saltine.

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